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Our focus

Take Your Data Security Compliance to a New Level of Reliability.
Data Security For All

With the implementation of GDPR, data Security has to be in the forefront of every businesses agenda. The level of Cyber Crime is on the increase, small companies are now a huge target for the hackers, who are out to make a quick profit from anyone they can trap. The days of ‘Why would anyone want to hack me?’ have gone, if you’re online you are a target! A very high percentage of IT support companies aren’t trained to think like hackers. We are a Approved Cyber Essentials Practitioners, we also have over a decade of experience in ethical hacking and forensics. We will help you implement solutions that will help to protect you and your reputation from most of the unsophisticated cyber attacks.

Secured Website Design

Your website is your permanent on-line presence. It not only has to sell your business to whomever may visit the site, it also has to look superb and have the ability to grow as your business grows. The ability to link your social media pages and email marketing platforms to the site is a must. Landing pages for advertising campaigns, blog posts, SEO (search engine optimisation), contact forms & information. You need all of the above, but, without it being secured from attack by hackers & cyber criminals it’s just a potential for loss of reputation. In our experience the majority of web designers are not aware of exactly what hackers can do, We are. Let us make your website a secure one.

GDPR Compliance

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation will apply from 25th May 2018, it supersedes the UK Data Protection Act 1998. It is significant and wide-reaching in scope, the new law brings a 21st century approach to data protection. GDPR compliance is not just a matter of ticking a few boxes; the Regulations demand that you are able to demonstrate compliance with the data protection principles. This actually involves taking a risk-based approach to data protection, just like Health & Safety, ensuring appropriate policies and procedures are in place to deal with the transparency, accountability and individuals’ rights provisions, as well as building a workplace culture where data privacy and security is not just a passing phrase.

Total IT Consultancy

Whether you’re just starting out in business, been struggling by for years, or have an established business looking to move to the next level, having access to an experienced IT consultancy is essential. We have gained a wealth of solid experience over the past 25 years in both the service and manufacturing industries. Working with one man bands, up to some of the biggest multi-nationals in the world. Along with our trusted partners, we can guide your company through the next phase of your IT growth or consolidation. Delivering secure, resilient and affordable solutions designed specifically for you. Through a partnership with the number 1 business coaching firm in the world, we can even offer help with business growth.

Other Services

Praetorian Security Offer Everything That the SME Could Need to Meet Data Security Compliance & More.
Some of the Other Services We Have to Offer Our Clients

1. Government Cyber Essentials Consultancy. We offer full advice and consultancy on applying for and achieving the Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials + certification. The program is designed by GCHQ to prevent over 80% of unsophisticated cyber attacks. Contact us for more details.

2. IT Security Awareness Training. Ask anyone in the IT security industry and they will tell you that the weakest link is the connection between the chair and the keyboard. Our Phishing and hacking awareness training gives you the edge to help keep the attackers out.

3. Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning. A penetration test is where our team of experienced ethical hackers try to find the weaknesses in your IT security measures. Vital for anyone storing personal data of any kind.

4. Computer Forensics and Ransomware Data Recovery. If you have suffered a security breach of any kind, then it's advisable to find out how the hackers got in, so you know how to prevent such an attack again. We also offer a data recovery service from ransomware encryption.

Our Team

The Force Behind We Just Do IT Consultancy
Founder & CTO
Wynn has around 25 years experience in the field of IT. For the past decade he has focused on the complex field of IT security, digital forensics, hacking and counter-measures. Wynn’s goal is to provide high quality, affordable, secure IT solutions for the SME businesses in the country.
Sam Forsberg
Sam Forsberg
Managing Director
Emma Stewart
Emma Stewart
Commercial Director


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