13th June 2016

Automated Tasks

Automated Tasks

Do you have a task or tasks that you perform everyday on the computer? Are they boring? Do they take ages to complete? Do you wish that there was a way to make that tasks quicker? Have you ever thought of making it an automated procedure? Well with scripting that is entirely possible.

How does it work?

In most cases the procedure can be automated. We can review the process, set up a test environment, script the process, test the scripting, fine tune the procedure, make a full working test, in a testing environment. When everyone is as certain as they can be, we implement in the live environment. (Making sure that we have a good backup before we commence).

This can result in massive savings in time, and as such, money. Reduce the chances of human error. Free up resources to be doing other tasks.

One example of how scripting works was a process of data gathering, from multiple sources. That data then had to be dropped into an excel spreadsheet. A very similar process had to be followed on the next page of the workbook. Then another similar process, and another… etc… The entire process would take, at best, 45 minutes to an hour of a member of staffs time every morning. Then they could produce the reports that everyone else needed to do their work for the day. This meant that that person had to come in early every day and plough through this laborious task, before they then did their actual job.

shell-scripting automatedAfter a review of the entire process, we were able to create a script in Microsoft Powershell, which, with ONE click of a button, would extract and collect all the data, drop that information into the excel spreadsheet, sort it, and then email the reports to the relevant members of staff. All this was done by a scheduled task in windows, and took only 10 minutes. This meant that the staff member didn’t have to be at work an hour before everyone else, or if they were, they could be doing something more practical with their time and your money. Even if something went wrong, it would still only take at most 10 minutes to rerun the process. In this case saving n
early a full days work, per week.

The systematisation of processes can free up time, resource and money.

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