SME Fined £60K

As British SME company is fined 60k, and the ICO promises that none will be spared! A games company have been fined, as an example that any company, big or small, who break the rules will be dealt with accordingly says ICO. The Information Commissioner’s office (ICO) has sent a message to SMEs by fining[…]


Ever been hacked?

Ever wondered if you email address and password have been hacked or leaked? With all the major data breaches over the past few years like Talk Talk, My Space, LinkedIn, Sony, etc… etc… etc… Have you checked to see if any of your name, address, telephone number, emails, and possibly passwords, have been leaked onto[…]

Satana New breed of Ransomware

Satana & Zepto Ransonware There is a new strain of ransomware emerging, called “Satana” the reference is pretty clear, try just removing the last “a” from the name. It is a conglomeration of classic file encryption virus and the “Petya” strain which locks the Master Boot Record (MBR), i.e. it stops your PC from booting[…]

Welcome to Secured IT Services

Welcome to Secured IT Services. We offer a wide range of support and service packages to meet the small to medium sized businesses of the central belt of Scotland and the rest of the UK. For a better idea of what professional services we can offer, have a look through our website, or contact us for[…]