17th May 2016

IT Support Services


IT support for businesses in Central Belt of Scotland

support servicesA lot of companies consider IT as an expensive necessity, something they need to communicate with clients and suppliers. They don’t enjoy spending considerable amounts of money on IT, and when IT fails the business grinds to a halt. We specialise in providing reliable, experienced IT support with a strong focus on the security of your data and your reputation, all at a price that won’t break the budget. There are a lot of providers of IT support out there, but, a very high percentage or not adhering to minimum security standards, and with cyber crime so prevalent, that is dangerous.Also very few have the level of experience we can provide when it comes to providing security, reliability and affordability. Let us show you what we have to offer.

At Praetorian IT, we provide IT support for local businesses. If you run a business or a charity and are looking for a highly experienced IT service provider in central Scotland, we can help you reduce downtime, secure your data. Having your company’s systems, network and security in good means that your staff can make the most of technology, systematise processes and use it to maximise their cost effectiveness on your business. When your IT is running effectively, it leaves you to be able to focus on working on your business, and not in it, and achieving the goals you have set for you and the business. We can help you to achieve all this through providing;

  • A secure and proactive approach to IT support

Praetorian IT Services take every aspect of your IT infrastructure seriously, we can install monitoring systems which sends out email alerts when there is something wrong, down or faulting. By staying ahead of your problems and faults, you reduce downtime. Praetorian IT will regularly audit your systems, monitor your event logs, advise you on the most logical route to ensure that you remain on top of your IT services. We offer, both onsite and remote support for all your IT problems.

  • Getting the best ROI from your IT Budget

We can advise you on how to get the best ROI (Return On Investment), without having to spend ridiculous sums of money on low to mid range IT equipment. Installing reliable hardware makes all the difference, yet there’s no need to spend the earth to get that equipment either. Let us advise you on how to get the best out of your IT budget, and to reduce unnecessary wait and down time, which will be costing you money already. The longer your staff sit around waiting for your IT to do what it’s supposed to the more money you’re losing. Having yourself and your staff trained to use the systems they use can greatly increase their productivity, ask about our IT training packages.

Support Solutions
These days, almost every company is an IT company. They nearly all use computers, software, hardware, cloud computing, wireless, mobile devices and more. Having the right IT support is essential, also ensuring that your IT hardware and systems aren’t costing you more money than they should is critical to any business. Too many wait for their IT to go wrong before they get it looked at, don’t make the mistake of thinking that it will never happen to you. It will at some point, and you’ll have to pay more than you realise to get back up and running. Sound, practical advice and support is essential, get it from a company with experience. Praetorian IT Services.


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